AdminPlus Interface: The Home Screen

You can view information about your students, staff members, and school on the Home screen. By default, the Home screen displays the Quickview Dashboard and the Lookup Screen.

When you select a student or staff member from the Home screen, the Quickview dashboard is replaced with the Student Snapshot or Staff Snapshot. You can switch from the Lookup screen to other screens, such as the Grades screen or Schedules screen, to view module-specific data for the selected student or staff member.

You can manually open the Home screen, or you can set AdminPlus to automatically open the Home screen when you log in. For instructions, see below.

Manually Open the Home Screen

To manually open the Home screen, do one of the following:

  1. On the Shortcut bar, click .
  2. Right-click the program background, and then click Home.

Automatically Open the Home Screen

To have the Home screen automatically open when you log in to AdminPlus, on the toolbar, click View > Startup Program(s) > Home.

When the Home screen opens, it displays the Lookup screen. If you prefer to view the Demographics screen when you log in, click View > Startup Program(s) > Addresses.


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