Sync Scheduling Year Students and Parents to the PlusPortals

When you perform an All Data sync, student and parent user accounts are automatically included and synced to the PlusPortals. By default, only students and parents from your current (active) year are synced. However, you can change your sync settings to include students and parents from the scheduling year, too. This gives them access to the Course Requests area of the PlusPortals before you change your active year. Students and parents can then submit and review course request forms, so you can receive and approve them in your admin portal.


Before you can sync scheduling year students and parents to the PlusPortals, you need to create a new year and set it as the scheduling year. For more information on creating the new year, see Create a New Year and Promote Students.

For these Students and Parents in the Scheduling year to appear in PlusPortals, Students must have an email address in the specified Database field and Parents must have an email address listed with their contact information. They will also need Enable Parent Portal Access.  For more information on this, see the following:

Perform the Sync

To sync scheduling year students and parents to the PlusPortals, do the following:

  1. In Administrator's Plus, click Tools > TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manger.
  2. Click Send (Sync) Settings.
  3. For the Send Scheduling Year Student Data, click Yes, and then click Done.

The Syncing with the Gradebook Cloud Server dialog box appears, initiating an All Data sync. When the sync is completed, any students who are new in the scheduling year (students who have an ā€œEā€ code on Day 0 of the Administrator's Plus Calendar) are added to the PlusPortals and appear in the Manage Accounts > Students area. In addition, any parents associated with these students appear in the Manage Accounts > Parents area.

  • The user accounts for scheduling year students and parents follow the same creation process as those for current year students and parents. This includes the following requirements:
    • Students must have an e-mail address or a username in the Demographics field you have set to be used for their PlusPortals usernames.
    • Parents must have an e-mail address in the Primary E-Mail field, and the Enable Parent Portal Access check box must be selected in the Contact Database.

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