Customize Administrator's Plus

In this chapter, you'll learn how to create user accounts and database fields, change the date format used for database fields, and personalize Administrator's Plus by changing the appearance of your Demographics screen and adding photos to the student snapshot. You'll also learn how to edit permissions for other users to limit their access to specific modules and pages.


Create a User Account

Add new user accounts to AdminPlus to allow administration personnel to access different parts of your software. After a new user account is created, it's immediately visible on your login screen for use. This topic only covers creating the user account. For more information on setting permissions and rights for the user, see Edit Portfolio Document Permissions and Edit User Rights.

  1. Click New > User on the main navigation bar.
  2. Click 1. Manage users >click Next.
  3. Click New User [F2].
  4. Enter a user account name in the User Name column > press Enter on your keyboard.
    The Enter Password dialog box appears.
  5. Enter a password in the New Password and Re-type New Password text boxes > Done.

Create a New Database Field

When you're working in AdminPlus, you can add new fields to the Data Base module to store more data.

You must be logged in as a supervisor to create a new database field.

  1. In Data Base, click Address, and click a student.
  2. Click Demographics and browse through the demographic tabs to find an unused database field.
  1. Right-click an unused demographic field, and then click Change Field Name.
  1. Type the desired field name, and press Enter.
  1. To change the field type, right-click the field again, click Change Field Type, and then click one of the field type options.

Change Date Format

If you're logged in as supervisor, you can change how dates are displayed in Administrator's Plus database fields. When you change the date format, the new format applies to all fields that have been set as a date field type.

Dates stored in database fields that aren't set as date fields (for example, database fields set as text or numeric field types) won't be changed. 

You can only change the date format once each time you log in to Administrator's Plus. If you've already changed the date format since your last login, attempting to change the date format again will result in a warning message that prompts you to close Administrator's Plus and log in again.

To change the date format for database fields, do the following:

  1. In the Administrator's Plus toolbar, click Setup > General > Date Format and Currency Symbol.
  2. For Date Format, select the desired format using the drop-down list, and then click Done.

    The Please Note message appears to confirm that you want to change the date format for all database fields. Click Done to continue.
  1. Restart Administrator's Plus to refresh the date format.

    The date format will only update once you've closed Administrator's Plus and logged in again. Database fields don't automatically refresh when you click Done to confirm the Please Note message. 

Create a Personalized Demographics Screen

While looking at student or staff demographic information in Administrator's Plus, you can utilize the Screen feature to create a personalized view to display information in your preferred order. The Screen feature provides the flexibility for you to show your most frequently accessed demographic information on any demographic tab so you can easily find student and staff information.

  1. In Data Base, click Demographics on the Home screen.
  2. Click .
  1. In the View/Edit Which Screen dialog box, click an unused screen, and click Select.
  1. In the upper-right corner, click Student to display student fields, or click Staff to display staff fields.
  2. Click a tab on the right side of the Selected Fields column to choose which page you want your fields to be displayed on.
  1. Click a field in the Selected Fields column > click to remove the field from your screen view, or click Delete All [F7] to clear all the Selected Fields.
  2. Click a tab on the left side of the Available Fields column to navigate through the different fields.
  1. Click a field in the Available Fields column > click  to add the field to your screen view.
  2. Repeat steps 5–8 to assign the desired fields to your screen.
  3. Click Accept [F10].
  4. In the Rename Screen dialog box, enter a name for your screen, and click Done.
  1. Click the desired screen from the Current Screen drop-down list to show your personalized view.

The following diagram summarizes how to personalize your demographics tabs (steps 4–10):

Personalize Demographics Tabs
Each tab (page) corresponds to a tab on your personalized Demographics screen. Clicking a tab displays all assigned fields for that tab.
The demographic fields you've assigned for the selected tab appear in the Selected Fields column.
Use the left arrow to remove/clear an assigned field in the Selected Fields column. This is how you make room for a new personalized field.
Each one of these tabs presents you with a number of different available demographic fields you can choose from. (These tabs represent your options but not your actual selections.)
Clicking a tab on the left displays all available demographic fields for that tab in the Available Fields column. (These fields represent your available options but not your actual selections.)
Use the right arrow to assign/personalize a field by transferring the field from the Available Fields column to the Selected Fields column.

Import Pictures

You can personalize your AdminPlus experience by importing pictures of students to display in the student snapshot.

If the pictures are named according to the Administrator's Plus ID number (for example, 12001.bmp) they can be copied into the RS4\DATA\SchoolName\SchoolYear\Pix folder, which associates the picture with the appropriate student. This method only works with the Administrator's Plus ID.

To import a picture for an individual student, do the following:

  1. In Data Base, click Address, and click a student.
  2. Click the Pictures Plus hot key at the upper-left corner.
  1. In the Pictures Plus dialog box, click Photos on the menu bar, and then click Import Photo.
  1. Click Open File.
  1. Browse for the picture file, and click Open.
  2. Click Save Student Picture.

Edit User Rights

You can set specific rights for each Administrator's Plus user to control the user's access to different modules and pages. You can either give the user full rights or set specific restrictions based on the user's role.

  1. On the menu bar, click New > User.
  1. Click Manage users, and click Next.
  2. Click the name of the user whose rights you want to edit, and click View/Edit Rights [F4].
  1. Click the school you want to edit, and do one of the following:
  • Click Copy Rights From Another User, click the User Name  from which you want to copy rights, and click Done.
  • Click Copy Rights From Another School, click a school from the School Lookup dialog box, and click Select.
  • Click Edit Rights For the Highlighted School, and do the following:
    1.  Next to each module or page, select the check box ALL (read, write, and delete rights), READ (read-only rights), or NO (restricted access).
      Tip: Select the Access To TeacherPlus - Manage Users check box to allow this user to access the Manage Users section of the TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager.
    2. Click Done.
  1. Click Done.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Copy Rights to Past Years to apply the recently changed rights to the past years in Administrator's Plus.
    • Click View Past Year Rights to view or manually change the rights in past years.
    • Click Cancel to exit and save the changes you made to the user rights.


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