Customize Attendance Module

This chapter describes ways you can customize your Attendance module. For example, although Administrator's Plus provides some default attendance codes, you can create attendance codes to meet the specific needs of your school. Also, if the number of attendance days differs for staff and students, you can create a calendar just for students. You can also edit a student's entry date for your school.


Create an Attendance Code

Although Administrator's Plus comes programmed with a few attendance codes, you can add any attendance code that you want. An attendance code, which shows the attendance status of a student, must be linked to a register code, which tells what the student's certain state is. For example, a register code is Absent, and the attendance code is Absent Sick, meaning that the student is absent because he or she is sick.

  1. In Attendance, click Codes.
  2. Click the Attendance Codes tab.
  3. Click an ***UNUSED***code to use for your new attendance code.

    Attendance codes 1–99 is for student codes. Attendance codes 100–199 are for staff member codes. Attendance code 200 is a non-member code. Attendance codes 201–250 are for entry and withdrawal codes.

  1. Click Add [F2].
  2. Enter the new code in the Code text box.
  3. Enter a description of the code in the Description text box.
  4. Choose whether or not you want to enter a Time Linked Code. If you click Yes, do the following:
  1. Click the Time Linked Code text box > click Lookup [F6].
  2. Click the attendance code >click Select.
  3. Click Before to have the system enter the Time Linked Code before the specified time or click After to have the system enter the Time Linked Code after the specified time.
  4. In the Time Link Time (hh:mm) text box, enter a time before or after which the Time Linked Code is to be entered.

    For Absence Codes, it's not necessary to enter a time with the code because the student didn't attend school at all.

  1. In the Register Link area, enter the register code in line 1. Code text box.
  2. Enter the value in line 1. AMT (amount) text box.

    The common value is 1.00.

  1. In line 1. E/U text box, enter E if this is an excused code, or enter U if this is an unexcused code.
  2. Click Accept [F10].

The new code appears in the list.

Change the Entry Date for a Student

When a new student joins the school, it's important to keep an accurate record of the student's entry date. If that date is inaccurate, you can quickly change the entry date in the Attendance module.

  1. In Attendance, click Correct.
  2. In the Correcting Attendance dialog box, click Lookup [F6] in the left panel.
  3. In the Advanced Lookup dialog box, click a student > click Select at the bottom.
  4. Click Calendar View in the left panel.
  5. Double-click the entry code for the incorrect date, delete it, and click Accept [F10].
  6. Double-click the Code 1 cell for the date prior to the student's actual first day of attendance, type "N" in the cell, and click Accept [F10].
  7. Double-click the Code 2 cell for the date prior to the student's actual first day and click Code Lookup [F6].
  8. In the Select An Attendance Code dialog box, click the desired code, and click Select.
  9. Click Accept [F10].

Create a Student Calendar

By default, the master calendar in Administrator's Plus is used for both students and staff. If you have more attendance days for staff than students, you'll need to create an alternate calendar for students and use the default calendar for staff. Create a student calendar as an alternate calendar with any other dates that students are present and add students to your alternate calendar to organize attendance days.

If you don't take staff attendance and you use your master calendar as a student calendar, you don't need to create this student calendar.

Create an Alternate Calendar

  1. In Attendance, click Calendar.
  2. Click Alternate Calendar Setup at the upper-left corner.
  3. Click 1. Create/edit alternate calendars >Next.
  4. Click New, enter the name of your new calendar, and click Save.

    To view the newly created student calendar, click the View Which Alternate Calendar drop-down list at the upper-right corner of the Calendar Program dialog box, and click the new calendar.

Add Students to an Alternate Calendar

  1. In Attendance, click Calendar.
  2. Click Alternate Calendar Setup at the upper-left corner.
  3. Click 2. Assign calendars to grade levels (for future students) >Next.
  4. In the Assign Calendars to Grade Levels dialog box, click a grade level, and click Done.
  5. Repeat steps 3–4 for all desired grade levels.
  6. Click 3. Assign calendars to existing students >Next.
  7. Click All grades >Next.
  8. Click Done in the Specifications: Batch Assign Calendars dialog box.
  1. Click the alternate calendar from the Select a Calendar dialog box > Select.
  2. Click All students >Next.

Edit a Calendar

Throughout the school year, you may have to add or remove attendance days from your calendar. The AdminPlus calendar is very flexible and allows the addition or removal of any attendance day.

Add an Extra Calendar Day

  1. In Attendance, click Calendar.
  2. Click the calendar day before which you want to insert a day.
    Example If you want to add October 22, click October 23.
  3. Click Insert [F7].
  4. Enter the date you want to insert in the text box > click Next.

    To enter a date in this text box, place your cursor within the date that you want to change, and enter the correct number using your keyboard.

Remove an Extra Calendar Day

  1. Complete a backup.
  2. In Attendance, click Calendar.
  3. Select a day to delete > click Delete [F8].


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