Get Started with TeacherPlus Portal

This chapter introduces you to your teacher portal with login instructions and overviews of TeacherPlus Portals features.
To get started, see the following tasks:


Log in to Your TeacherPlus Portal

To log in to your teacher portal, follow these steps:

Important: If your school administrator has activated the Health Questionnaire, it will appear when you click Sign In. You must complete and submit the questionnaire to gain access to your portal.

  1. Type your PlusPortals URL in your browser address bar.

Important: Your PlusPortals URL is located at For example, the URL for "Rediker Academy" would be You can find your school's URL by looking on your school's website or by asking your PlusPortals administrator.

Depending on your school's PlusPortals setup, the Login page or advanced Login page appears.

  1. If you have a Gradebook username and password, sign in using your Gradebook credentials.
    If you don't have a username and password, follow the instructions in the activation email from your PlusPortals administrator to activate your account and set your password.
  2. Click Sign In.

Important: If you forget your password, click Can’t access your account. If you are unable to reset your password, contact your school administrator.

Note: If your school administrator has activated a TeacherLists account for your school, you may be prompted to create and post your classroom supply list.

Your Portal

When you log in to your teacher portal, you see the User menu, Master menu, and the Master menu Home tab. These items are described in the diagrams and tables below.

Important: Your PlusPortals administrator determines the User menu tabs, Master menu tabs, and tab panels you see.


User Menu, Master Menu, and Home Tab Upper Panels


On the User menu, you can perform the following tasks:

  • View TeacherLists classroom supplies lists and Groups you're a member of.
  • View and print your schedule.
  • Click the arrow next to your name to switch roles in PlusPortals (for example, from teacher to parent), reset your password, and edit your profile settings.
  • Click Help to access Rediker Software user documentation and videos, and to log out of PlusPortals.

Important: During the new year transition period, your school administrator may choose to hide scheduling information for the new year.


When you log in, you see the Master menu Home tab. Click other tabs on the Master menu to perform the following tasks:

  • Access the Gradebook.
  • Manage your Calendar.
  • Review Course Requests and make course recommendations.
  • View School Announcements.
  • Manage E-Mail and Messages.
  • View submitted assignments and quizzes using E-Locker.
  • View the school Directory.


Click the notification icons to view new alerts, emails, messages, and notifications.

Note: Photos are added by your AdminPlus administrator. 


View upcoming school-wide and class-specific calendar events, as well as coursework you post to the calendar. Click an event to view details.


Click to open the Gradebook for a specific class.


View your classes, including course or section numbers, meeting times, and number of students. Click a class to open its Class Page.

To change how the class name appears on the Home page, see Configure Course Display Settings.

Note: Co-teachers see asterisks next to their classes. 


Click to quickly access other class-related tasks.


   Home Tab Lower Panels


Review school-wide notifications and alerts. Notifications display in black, while alerts display in red to indicate a higher importance.


Click to view details for an item.


View school-wide announcements.


View files or links your school shares with staff members. In the drop-down list, select a different folder to see additional items.


Navigate between pages of items.


Select how many items display per page.

Note: You also can view school announcements, notifications, and alerts by clicking the School Announcements tab on the Master menu.

Class Page

From the Class page, you can manage every aspect of your class.
To open a Class page, click the Home tab on the Master menu, and then click the class you want to view.
See the diagram and table below for more information on the Class page.

Class Page


Click the notification icons to view new alerts, emails and messages, notifications, and upcoming calendar events.

Photos are added by your AdminPlus administrator.


View a different Class page.


The Class page opens on the Overview Tab. Click other tabs on the Section Menu to perform class-specific tasks.


Section Menu

When you open a Class page, the Section menu appears at the top with the Overview tab displayed by default. The table below describes the Section tabs.
Your PlusPortals administrator determines the tabs that display in your Section menu.

Section Menu Tabs Overview


Add, edit, and delete the class summary, homework, quizzes, class announcements, and class resources (such as links and files). See Overview Tab.

Lesson Planner

Create units and lesson plans, add learning objectives and resources, and share your lesson plans with students and parents. See The Lesson Planner.


Access homework assignments submitted by students. See Review Assignments.


View the discipline history for all students in your school, all students in a specific grade, all students in your class, or a specific student. You can also view incidents you've submitted and you can submit incidents to the main office. See Submit a Disciplinary Incident.


View score information for the selected class. The information includes final exam scores and final grades, class averages, and individual scores for tests, quizzes, and homework. See View Scores and Grades from Gradebook.


View class absence and tardy totals and attendance trends by date and month. See View Class Attendance.


Click a photo to view a student's demographics, schedule, recent scores, progress, attendance, and discipline history.

Progress Reports

View your students' progress reports from the Gradebook. See View Progress Reports for a Class.


Add, edit, and delete class links and files. See Add a File to a Class and Add a Link to a Class.


Manage announcements. See Post a Class Announcement or an Alert, Edit a Class Announcement or an Alert, and Delete a Class Announcement or an Alert.

Overview Tab

When you click a class on the Home tab, the Class page opens, displaying the Section Menu and, by default, the Overview tab. The Overview tab contains several panels from which you can view, post, edit, delete, and/or copy the following class-related information:

  • Class summary
  • Online meetings
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Discussions
  • Announcements and alerts
  • Class resources

To change the class you're viewing, click a different class in the Class drop-down list.

Note: Co-teachers will see asterisks next to their classes.

Class Summary

Use the Class Summary panel to add a course description, learning objectives, and other information related to your class. You can also copy a class summary to another class.

Online Meetings Panel

On the Online Meetings panel, you can schedule online meetings for your classes, copy meetings to other classes, edit meetings, and delete meetings.

Assignments Panel

On the Assignments panel, you can post, edit, and delete assignments, copy assignments to other classes, and control the visibility of assignments for parents and students.

Class Quizzes Panel

On the Class Quizzes panel, you can post, edit, preview, and delete quizzes and copy quizzes from another class.

Tip: Filter items in a column by clicking, or change the order of items by clicking the column heading.

Discussions Panel

Using the Discussions panel, you can create and manage topics of discussion for your class.

Class Announcements and Alerts Panel

On the Class Announcements and Alerts panel, you can post, edit, and delete class announcements and alerts.

On the Links panel, you can post, edit, and delete links to web sites, and copy links to other classes.

Files Panel

Use the Files panel to post, edit, and delete files and to copy files to another class.

Access the Gradebook

You can access the TeacherPlus Gradebook from your teacher portal by clicking the Gradebook tab on the Master menu.

From the Home tab, you can access the Gradebook for a specific class by clicking  next to the class.

You will only see the Gradebook options if your PlusPortals administrator has enabled them.
To learn more about the Gradebook, see the TeacherPlus Gradebook User guide.



Co-teaching in PlusPortals

Every class section has one primary teacher, but can have an unlimited number of co-teachers. Co-teachers are added to a class by the Gradebook administrator and will see asterisks next to the sections they co-teach. For more information on co-teaching, see the TeacherPlus Management Site User Guide.



Create a List of Classroom Supplies

Using TeacherLists, administrators and teachers can upload classroom supply lists with direct links to preselected retailers. When logging into their portals, students and parents are directed to your school's classroom supply list, where they can view and order their classroom supplies.

 When your PlusPortals administrator activates the TeacherLists account for your school, at login, you're prompted to upload your classroom supply lists.


To begin, click TeacherLists Uploader in the TeacherLists Notification dialog box, and follow the Uploader instructions. For instructions on uploading, editing, or deleting lists, visit
You can view your school's classroom supply list by clicking where it appears. TeacherLists is only available if your school administrator has activated the account.


TeacherPlus Portal Icons

The table below provides a quick-reference for icons used in TeacherPlus Portal.

TeacherPlus Portal Icons

Indicates how many new alerts you have. Click to view them.

Indicates how many new emails and/or messages you have. Click to view them.

Indicates how many new notifications you have. Click to view them.

Indicates how many new upcoming events you have. Click to view them.

Edit assignments, homework, class announcements and alerts, files, links, quizzes, disciplinary incidents, and calendar events.

Delete assignments, homework, class announcements and alerts, files, links, quizzes, disciplinary incidents, calendar events, emails, and progress reports.

Copy assignments, homework, files, and links to another section of a class.

View the details of e-mails; messages; school-wide announcements, alerts, and notifications; course request forms; scores for assignments; quizzes; disciplinary incidents; and progress reports.

Filter items displayed in a column.

Navigate between multiple pages of items.

Select how many items display per page.

Open a tab within your portal that contains additional, related information.

Refresh your view.

Select a specific day on a calendar.

Select the time of day.

Download file attachments.

Reply to an e-mail.

Forward an e-mail.

Preview quizzes.

Reset quizzes.

Print exam grades and semester/final averages.

Print disciplinary incidents.

Submit disciplinary incidents.

Hover your mouse over this icon to view additional information.

Comment on homework.

Indicates homework is visible to parents and students. Click to hide homework.

Indicates homework is hidden from parents and students. Click to show homework.

Access a menu of tasks.

Access a menu of tasks.


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