Running the Lottery

This topic is an overview of running the lottery. See the diagram and table below.

For information on adding prospects to the lottery, see Add a Prospect to the Lottery.

Process for Running the Lottery

Edit the lottery view to display the columns of information that are important for your lottery.

Sort the lottery view by the fields that improve chances of acceptance. For example, if your school gives highest priority to prospects who have a sibling enrolled and secondary priority to prospects who live in district, sort by the Sibling At School field and then by the Live In District field.
Assign randomly generated lottery numbers to prospects. You can use lottery numbers to decide which prospects you accept, or you can sort prospects by lottery numbers before generating waitlist numbers.
Assign waitlist numbers in the order prospects are sorted. For example, if you sorted prospects by the Sibling At School field followed by the Live In District field, prospects who have a sibling enrolled and live in district will receive the lowest waitlist numbers, followed by prospects who have a sibling enrolled but do not live in district.
Select the check boxes next to the prospects you are accepting, and then click Change Decision to mark the prospects as 'Accepted.' In the top table, the Accepted: Total and Accepted: Unregistered column numbers are updated. If a prospect completes registration, the number in the Accepted: Registered column will increase and the number in the Openings Remaining column will decrease.

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