Create an Event Guestlist

You can create a guestlist for an event to keep track of whether prospects and contacts responded about attending and to mark if they do attend.

  1. On the left navigation menu, click Appointments.
  2. Click the event on the calendar, and then click View Event.
  3. Under Add Guest, do either of the following:

    Automatically Add Guests

    Type the name of a prospect or contact, and then click their name.

    Manually Add Guests
    1. Type any letter, and then click New Guest.
    2. In the table, type their Name and Email, and then click .

    If a prospect attends the event, you can select the Attendance check box. If a requirement was linked to the event, it will automatically be marked complete for the prospect.


To send an email to the guestlist, see Send an Email to an Event's Guestlist.

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