Admissions Programs

A program is an admissions process for prospects with the same requirements. For example, you can create a program for local students, a program for international students, and a program for staff.

Programs are organized into steps, and each step of the admissions process contains requirements for you or prospects to complete. For example, if the first step in your admissions process is called Inquiry for prospects who are interested in learning about your school, the requirements might be called Initial Contact, Tour Scheduled, Tour Completed, and Application Submitted. When a requirement is met, you mark it complete on the prospect's Admissions tab, accessed by clicking the prospect's name on the Prospect Lists page.

For an overview of the Admissions Process tab, where you can view and build your programs, refer to the diagram and table below.

Overview of Admissions Process Tab

Click a list to view your programs, steps, and requirements.

Click and drag a program, step, or requirement from its list into the school, program, and/or step it belongs (section C). At the bottom of the list, you can click the Add New [Program/Step/Requirement] button to create a program, step, or requirement.
Organize your programs by clicking and dragging steps and requirements into the order you want.

To begin creating a program, see Create a Program.

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